1. tlmck

    Her hair is actually blond, but this is how it comes out when they dip her in bronzer.

  2. This is an excellent way of marketing your jewelry because it guarantees that NOOOOO one will be looking at it. Brilliant.

  3. 1NDUN

    Going for the Cleavopatra look.

  4. Anthony

    It’s crazy how she’s smiling yet has zero emotion in her eyes.

  5. I’ll take 4, please.

  6. Little Tongue

    I’ve got a feeling that this woman is the same person as Katie Price and Tamara Ecclestone. Although, in reality, they probably simply share the same surgeons.

  7. Inner Retard

    Why can’t some people just accept they were made for porn and count their blessings.

  8. Mandzuz


  9. neo

    You cant fool me, Aubrey O’Day!!!

  10. There’s soomething peculiar about this woman in these pictures. I think she looks a bit better in this one:

  11. Vladmir

    That Dude looks pretty good. Can’t even tell.

  12. castallare

    Personally, I think giving your open genital sores a little bling is courageous. Brava!

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