1. “If you want it fresh you really need to squeeze you own.”

  2. That is really cute. The dog ain’t bad either.

  3. “well aren’t you an adorable pussy cat.”

  4. Josephus

    Extra? Just the right amount, if you ask me.

  5. LegMan

    That brother must have some real self-control not to reach out and squeeze the Charmin.

  6. I’d like to hold her .. doggie-style.

  7. “Who like to lick peanut butter? Do YOU like to lick peanut butter?”

  8. Her ass is so fucking beautiful it’s making me weep.

  9. When I think Maria Menounos and doggie, this is not what i had in mind.

  10. me_memememe_me@reddit

    “ooooh poochy wooochy woooo woooo…aren’t yoooo the cooootest leeeeeetle witttttttle pooooooopy woooopy…doooooopy……pooooopy…..koooopy ….scoooooby…..doooooooo”

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