1. Johnny P!

    Smokin’ hot body, as always.

  2. Josephus

    The holes are on the wrong side. Fire this costume designer!

  3. Doesn’t matter how many pics you show me… that voice…

  4. I’d like to put my chalupa in that cute lookin’ poopah. Hey, don’t bash me, I’m working on my Spanish skills!

  5. BenDoverman

    Colombian turd cutters make me hiiiigh

  6. hedgehog

    May be a bad candid snap, but how many chins does she have ?

  7. neo

    Those buns are just asking for a hot dog. Yummo!

  8. Mickey01232000

    There is absolutely no bad angle on her. I think the camera smiles every time someone snaps a shot of her.

  9. brick

    Wow! A black range rover. No way! : p

  10. right

    Another incredi-racked chick!
    God bless America!

  11. I hate to comment on the obvious, but she looks fucking amazing! Sorry, I just needed to say that.

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