1. Jimmy

    Someone get her a sandwich

  2. Josephus

    I think we found the host for the revival of “Tales from the Crypt.”

  3. I love it when it gets chilly and a girl’s spine sticks out!

  4. EricLr

    The government STILL hasn’t gotten any food down to New Orleans?!?!?

  5. Oh, what did Lindsay Loh…oh…the tits…nevermind.

  6. Butch

    Damn you, Skarsgard! Ruined another one!

    • KC

      She looked like this when she was dating Bloom. And no one is going to say Orlando Bloom is so sexy he’s ruined a girl. She’s just a mess all on her own.

  7. Butch

    Skarsgard Penis, the number one cause of anemia in all women, everywhere.

    • Guest

      Anemia? Try anorexia. A body in this condition is unnatural in any form, and she has a prior history of eating disorders. Anemia alone doesn’t cause emaciation.

  8. She’s like a damn owl…oh shit…that’s her front.

  9. Johnny P!

    Hey, Kate! How about a ‘pearl neckla–’
    Aw shit, never mind…

  10. I’d say I’d like to bone her, but she has that covered.

  11. Little Tongue

    Is that an Adam’s apple I see???

  12. Happy_Evil_Dude

    How this chick gets cast in roles other than “Body #2″ on Law & Order: SVU is beyond me

  13. Allison Wunderlan

    Looks like she forgot to iron the right side of her chest.

  14. I’d like to motorboat her, but I’m afraid of a concussion.

  15. SSHGuru

    Looks like an Adams Apple but I think she’s just trying to puke up her spine.

  16. Jack Ketch

    Her chest looks like a Klingon forehead.

  17. maoix

    Just in time for Halloween.

  18. “Ah, the first breath of freedom after being released from the camps. This takes me back.” – Elie Wiesel

  19. Urvag

    The sun feels so wonderful…on my bones.

  20. She looks like she’s going to split down the middle, allowing a sticky, slimy alien to come out of her guts…

  21. kimmykimkim

    Holy fucking rib cage.

  22. That reminds me… I missed xylophone practice today.

  23. cc

    Is she in the same movie as Matthew McConaughey?

  24. JK

    I’ll get you He-Man!

  25. caley

    “What? What’s that smell?”
    “It’s called food.”

  26. neo

    Zup, Linda Hamilton?

  27. Joaquin ingles

    I saw this on 20/20. Moonlighting as anatomy class cadavers is a big thing now.

  28. Ed

    This was hot in the 90′s.

  29. Sometimes you’ve got air out the old ribcage. I bet is sounds like a xylophone when she exhales.

  30. egads

    looks like her body is pleated

  31. Mickey01232000

    What is attractive about being able to count a woman’s ribs.

  32. Corpses need to sunbathe too.

  33. Hugh Jazz

    Hmm, Manflesh.

  34. Josie

    ewww this chick seriously isnt attractive cuz shes just skin & bones…give me kim k or kelly brook anyday over this

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