1. 1NDUN

    Condom hat. Must be a real dickhead.

  2. Rosalie

    If you’re a good girl, when I get to Paris, I’m gonna buy you a big hat, with a long beautiful feather on it.

  3. She even has a merkin stylist.

  4. Jade

    She looks better with clothes on than those see-thru stocking things she wears when she’s performing.

  5. Now THIS is instant assification! *raises two thums*

  6. Girlfriend, you are looking pretty damned good. Dump that kid you hang with and come pick me up…

  7. Mickey01232000

    Is it true that Jennifer Lopez is Spanish for Kim Kardashian?

  8. cc

    Reminding her boyfriend to buckle his child seat.

  9. Is her real ass taking another limo? This one looks too small

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