1. jorge

    i see dead people

  2. Jade

    That is one pretty zombie. She doesn’t really even look that dead.

  3. Another Madonna victim.

  4. I bet Depp once had a moment of clarity (i.e. the drugs somehow wore off) and realized he wasn’t a big of a necrophiliac as his friend Tim…

  5. Kojak

    Madonna finally found the tree of life…

  6. amir

    Who is this vampire person?

  7. Would…uh…madam care for some brains?

  8. Little Black Jacket.
    Little Purple Clutch.
    Little Meat Left.

  9. Little Tongue

    To think she used to be so pretty…

  10. Mandzuz

    thanks for no close-ups

  11. caley

    It looks like someone stuck Silly Putty on a picture of Heather Graham and streched it out in weird places

  12. neo


  13. Colin

    See, spend too much time around Johnny Depp and you turn into a Tim Burton character.

  14. What the fuck happened to her?

  15. While you were all talking shit, those two were making babies with the most perfect jaw lines in history.

  16. Hey Madonna, your arms are looking better!

  17. castallare

    Wow. She’s really let herself improve after the breakup.

  18. Schmidtler

    huh, hard to believe one of the wealthiest, most successful and desirable male actors of our time thought he could do better than this.

  19. right

    Paradis lost

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