1. Stacy’s mom just told you to fuck off.

  2. Stay classy, San Diego.

  3. “Rachel, Rachel, I loved you in the X-Men movies…..and in Necessary Roughness…..what was it like working with Chevy Chase in the Vacation movie?”

  4. She has the hands of a woman approaching middle age, yet her face tells a different story. Something’s not right here…

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Get over yourself, lady! I’m taking photos of Hillary Duff walking her ass arou- walking her dog, around. Move!”

  6. Michael

    Guys try to be nice, 40 years ago she was almost hot!

  7. I like her scarf, it really accents her jowls.

  8. Just ignore the paps, Rachel, flippin’ the bird only encourages them.

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