1. I can’t relate to this picture in any way, shape or form. Oh, wait… I know what it’s like to wear glasses.

  2. Rabid1

    Just got texted his name change to L.L. Cool Junior was accepted.

  3. Prison, it does a body good.
    Except your butthole…

  4. Black dudes can get yoked up in a weekend.

  5. I’ll take a wild guess he’s not in fact on his way to a Mensa meeting.

  6. When you listen to Ja Rule, the mob rules.

  7. I can see Ja Nips.

  8. bean

    I’m not entirely convinced the aniston pregnancy rumors are true..

  9. Inner Retard

    Unless it’s supply-side economics, the political challenges of Central Africa, or his thoughts on NASA’s latest plans for Mars I don’t want to hear a word from Ja Rule.

  10. I didn’t even know he was still alive.

  11. cc

    ‘Sure I got rolling papers.’

  12. “DORK SMASH!!!”

  13. needs a tighter shirt.

  14. tlmck

    Prison yard weightlifting seems to work for him.

  15. “Wait! We need to go back. I just got a one-dollar winner on this scratch-off.”

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