1. Deacon Jones

    These are the guys that tell everyone else that they are nuts.

  2. “You’re all a bunch of slack jawed faggots! This stuff will turn you into a sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me…”

  3. wow, he looks like shit.

  4. The ghost of Peter Boyle beckons to you…

  5. Jon Pork

    Ain’t got time to bleed? He looks like he hasn’t got much time left at all..

  6. B.B. Rodriguez

    The Crypt Keeper is looking well these days…

  7. Judd

    should be the new poster “boy” for Don’t do drugs

  8. OK, I know we aren’t using “The Body” or “The Brain” anymore, so what’s left. Jesse “the Hairline” Ventura? Jesse “the fat James Taylor look-alike’ Ventura?

  9. “I believe that I am the victim of a vast government conspiracy to slowly poison and kill me. It’s taken over 6 decades, but the effects are finally starting to show. I will get to the bottom of this, even if it kills me”.

  10. The Pope

    So the choice you have when you’re a professional wrestler is to either die in your 40′s or grow old and have a bald mullet thing going on?

  11. “You made a time machine out of a DeLorean…”. Oh wait, you’re not that guy…

  12. cc

    He had the balls to say a lot of shit that other people wouldn’t.

  13. tlmck

    Who dug up McLean Stevenson?

  14. Really ?

    I hope that over 35′s remember him as a wrestler.

    I hope more that everyone remembers him smacking the intellectual shit out that woman on the View about waterboarding being / not being torture.

  15. Nice Skullet, Blain.

  16. Sally McPants

    I thought Giulianni got rid of hobos in New York City, no?

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