1. Smapdi

    “You must be this tall for me to enter you. Oops, I mean for you to ride me at Disneyland. Uhm, dang . . . “

  2. No, Hugh Jackman, I do not want to smell your fingers.

  3. The dude has a bad case of chickenlegs…is that genetic, or does he only work out for movies shot waist up?

  4. “Hey, Wolverine, what was it like getting topped by Cyclops?”

  5. *Snikt*..wait, they’re supposed to come out if I say that..right?

  6. Australians are the only actors who look remotely normal after becoming famous. Even with the stupid shoes he’s still just a dad with a bag of shitty McBurritos and a bottled water.

    • Jackman looks like a nice guy – and unlike the half mad, Alec Baldwin, who perpetually appears to be tottering on the brink of going berserk and committing homicide, he always seems to be in a good mood and is happy.

      • I admire this about him. It’s a pretty big achievement in Australia when you become famous and the Aussies don’t immediately claim that you’re a Kiwi cunt, so he must be a decent bloke.

  7. EricLR

    Bet he dresses as Jonah Hill for Halloween.

  8. LLBL

    “Double sour cream, girlfriend!”

  9. yumm

    nice legs haha

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