1. Deacon Jones


  2. Rabid1

    Night Of The Living Walters

  3. Qmak

    Dammit…somebody say Betelgeuse three times again.

  4. Wow, just wow. She looks like she died about 10 years ago.


  6. Good Lord, that scared the shit out of me.

  7. Imhotep. Imhotep. Imhotep.

  8. rican

    Barbara Walters accidentally walks into a cameo appearance during filming of “Walking Dead”.

  9. Fresco

    Nope. Nothing interesting. A middle-school student with half a brain can take better pictures.

  10. If Maeby needs a lead for Gangie 5, the search is over.

  11. Good lord, she looks like death itself.

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Someone please blow up the sun. And pretty much every other light source.

  13. Joe Blow

    That’s The View no one wanted to see.

  14. oldfool

    That’s the look she made when Richard Pryor opened the back door.

  15. shes an evil old bitch

  16. Daa-uum. I thought it was a transsexual until I read the description! Sowwy Bawbwa.

  17. crb

    See? -Now you’re effing with me, internets.

    Until now, I was Positive Max Schreck was the star of “Nosferatu”.

  18. Sally McPants

    Holy hell! Here’s the real released Kraken!

  19. martina

    Weekend at Bernie’s

  20. Now I know why all of her interviewees cry.

  21. “Hewwo, Wadies and Gentewmen. I’m Baba Wawa. Tonight I wiww gwow into a twee…”

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