1. Fappuccino

    This bitch would bang a corpse for money

  2. JC

    “Farrah Abrams wears the Girls & Corpses t-shirt…and nothing else…except for the chin implant…and the cheek implants…and the breast implants…and some leftover santorum…”

  3. Attagirl… reach for those stars.

  4. Congratulations Farrah…you’ve risen all the way up to Courtney Stodden’s level.

  5. I’d never walk a mile for a camel.

  6. Inner Retard

    Dear GOP see what happens when the government shuts down?

  7. EricLR

    No, you can keep the t-shirt. The bleach would just ruin it anyway.

  8. 3 in a row. Scared to think what the next photo will be.

  9. Can we see the corpses instead please?

  10. CK

    Does that even count as a t-shirt? thought those were tank tops.
    Not that that’s the WORST thing about this picture.

  11. Cock Dr

    Some scary shit on TCWM today…..horf!

  12. …except a butt plug.

  13. limeseeds

    Ugh, all I can see is that horrible chin implant.

  14. the hay looks hotter.

  15. apparently a societal obsession with teen pregnancy went straight to necrophilia

  16. Strangely enough, the choosing the corpse is a viable option.

  17. Breaking News-

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