1. If not pumping gas, then some other profession that requires a hairnet.

  2. Is she on her way to do a “before” photoshoot for Proactiv?

  3. diego

    I hope that’s Chicken Pox

  4. She’s just on the phone to Adobe, telling them to increase Photoshop production by 400%.

  5. “Too many zits. Would not bang.” says some gay dude.

  6. Judd

    holy sh-zits!! I’d definitely still do her with the lights on!

  7. cc

    Granny panties, zits…on her period.

  8. Why do I feel like this girl had one good week and that’s the one that she did all her photo shoots during.

  9. Jenn

    All the heavy makeup breaks out her face. She needs to see a dermatologist. I’m sure he’d be happy to give her a naked exam to check her moles for free as well.

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