1. *prays for open manhole*

  2. Celly celly in her hand and on her legs.

  3. EricLR

    Her mom has her filming herself 24-7 now, as training.

  4. Is she taking a selfie while smelling her pits?

  5. Judd

    hit the gym sweetie….or you’re gonna be as big as a house just like 2 of your 3 sisters

  6. Is the Safety Dance coming back?

  7. Sorry hon. At least your emancipation hearing will be pretty easy.

  8. Pics of the other one, please. The U.S. gov’t is still shut down, right?

  9. Joe Blow

    She apparently doesn’t understand how the whole “Media Whore” thing works…

  10. It’s iOS 7 – you can’t see that shit outdoors.

  11. oldfool

    Texting while walking= EZ rape.

  12. Get ready to Mooooo!

  13. They have ruined Mercedes G-wagons for everyone.

  14. martina

    those shorts are too long

  15. The newest trend with today’s young women is the “pit portrait.” What Kylie doesn’t understand is such shots are usually taken without wearing a shirt.

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