1. Looking good, Mrs. Costanza. I hear you’re out there.

  2. Told you not to peep Chris Brown’s phone…

  3. Blob

    Oh, bless.But you really *do not* want to know, sonny.

  4. If you’re lucky, you too will grow old enough to literally not give one single fuck. Ever.

  5. Even Carrot Top’s eyebrows aren’t that orange.

  6. she just wont stop picking her nose.

  7. cc

    When I look at this picture I see West Palm Beach.

  8. Looks like she caught George abusing his body again.

  9. gumbypokey

    “Ma, don’t pick!”
    “Oh I can’t help it!”
    “Ma, your nose!”

  10. AWOL

    8/10 Would still stop short.

  11. “That’s just from sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong…”

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