1. JC

    She started to say something bad about Scientology, but then the deep programming kicked in and she involuntarily started performing, “I”m a little teapot…”

  2. Damn, she looks good here.

  3. EricLR

    No, I’m not actually in the movie…but hey look, no panties!

  4. Judd

    looking good! I guess there is something to be said about Christianity vs. scientology….maybe

  5. cc

    One of the few people who’ve never been in prison who can appreciate what it’s like to be wrongly imprisoned.

  6. Ok, so maybe it’s going to take Katie Holmes a little while to get back into the swing of things. At least she’s out there working the circuit now.

  7. Katie, you don’t have to stoop anymore.

  8. Holy shit, yes please…!
    I’m kinda moved, actually – I thought this was gone forever. But if she still can pull this off then by all means, let her do it. She’s absolutely back at her Pieces of April levels of hotness.
    I’m, I’m really… I’ve been de-snarked.

  9. Less gravity is requested to see what’s going on under that skirt.

  10. I’m conflicted.

    She definitely looks better since leaving TCLTC, yet still always has the batshit crazy blank look. Does the Stepford Wife stuff ever wear off or does it require surgery?

  11. martina

    mmm hmmmm
    more please, and Katie, a shorter skirt and a tank top would definitely work.

  12. I can think of several uses for those beautiful thighs, including (but not limited to) warming my ears.

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