1. donkeylicks

    “What do you mean that’s just the title of the show, do you know how tough it was to get both Emma and Rupert to agree to this?”

  2. “Yes, I’ve been clean for… *twitch* …two whole days now!”

  3. “How many dicks?”

  4. EricLR

    Yeah, the movie was great. Can I have my Sudafed now?

  5. Spleen

    He’s a regular customer of Heisenberg.

  6. Future James Bond.

  7. Inner Retard

    The face of a a guy listening to a really hot sex story all the while really wanting to pee.

  8. Cock Dr

    It’s been interesting to watch this young man grow up.
    Stay away from the booze & the famewhores Danny…that path leads into the darkness.

  9. Judd

    for once he doesn’t look all coked out of his mind. (possibly meth since that is supposedly the gay DOC)

  10. cc

    After 3 days in a tanning bed, he’s still the color of a birch tree.

  11. “Now, look deeply into my eyes and tell me where I can score some ‘Hogwart’s Helper’?”.
    “You mean ‘meth’?”

  12. “Mr Radcliffe, you are the most polite meth head I’ve ever seen.What’s your secret?”
    “Frequent bathing and eye drops. The British accent, covers the jacked up dental work.and everything else.”

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