1. Cynystasia


  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Well, thanks for noticing. I am a little blue.

  3. Cock Dr

    PhotoBoy is being clever. I like it.

  4. zomgbie

    and shady.

  5. Fester

    I want to be just like Verne when I grow up.

  6. Deacon Jones

    I will never forget him getting drunk and crashing his go-cart. Never.

  7. cc

    At the rate Lindsay is going, they’ll be indistinguishable in about 6 months.

  8. The Brown Streak

    I never knew Khloe Kardashian’s dildo was alive.

  9. squishy


  10. He’s just pissed that Khagendra Thapa Magar’s macking all his bitches.

  11. Blech

    LOL! Great ending.

  12. cc

    Okay, look, I know how bad this sounds, but I sometimes think of making like an NFL player and punting him.

  13. AnnaDraconida


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