1. How to sell music… simulate sex acts with your target audience.

  2. “Huh??? You want me to shut up and just dance?? Why? Oh right… ok”

  3. cc

    Notice there are no pics of the audience…due largely to the fact there was no audience.

  4. After I sing this song I’m gonna git me some of them french-fried pataters, mmm-hmm.

  5. The Brown Streak

    This is why you should never buy a shake weight

  6. squishy

    Don’t cry dude…

  7. Bonky

    If he came out years ago he would be a lot happier.

  8. Yep, way to sell it, Joe.

  9. Blech

    “It burns… when I touch it.”

  10. Ana

    Looks like he has to pee — really, really badly!

  11. “waaahhhhh…but I don’t wanna sing any more Mr Mouse!”

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