1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the last image too many pastries have seen… A moment of silence, please

  2. Deacon Jones

    Is he reenacting his part from “Boogie Nights”?

  3. Phillip, that top coat has at least 6 pockets. I’m sure you have pockets in those pants also. So fucking use em already and get the damn iPhone out of your hand.

  4. cc

    Hang on Shamu, I am out of fish!

  5. Any Guy

    the Philip Semen Hoffmour O-face, didn’t need to see it.

  6. “And then Kim went like this!”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Shouldn’t Cho be the picture after this?

  8. farting old man's wife

    He is wearing a Joe Boxer K mart sweatshirt to a movie premiere! How. . . Classy??

  9. Deryn

    Still better teeth than Lindsay’s.

  10. squishy


  11. Swearin

    He’s demonstrating what women did on-set anytime they found themselves alone with Ryan Gosling

  12. The Brown Streak

    So that’s how Bruce Vilanch got to be the center square…

  13. Steve

    Auditioning for the Travolta bio pic?

  14. AnnaDraconida


  15. Chaz Bono likes cock now?

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