1. Joaquin ingles

    My jaw would be sore too.

  2. “Daaaa Bears!”

  3. When did he get on the sexual predators list?

  4. Joe

    At the tone, the time will be 3:36. Exactly.

  5. The new iPhone is cool, but the jPhone is invisible!

  6. “I’ll be right over to fix your pipes, Mrs. Romano. After that, I’ll take a look at your sink.”

  7. Mario dressed like Luigi

  8. EricLr

    Is he moonlighting as a cabbie?

  9. I thought this was Chuy Bravo from the thumbnail.

  10. Despite being a photo, I can feel his labored breathing.

  11. Mike Walker

    Hey Gar, it’s Artie… (cough-cough) …

  12. Feetsthss


  13. Bionic_Crouton

    “Ratner is doing what with my seafood order?”

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    “Suri, Help me find a Starbucks”

  15. Bigalkie

    Money baby

  16. “You’re so money… nah, you’re not.”

  17. ‘Allo. Is zis zee bakeree??

  18. lady

    “Yeah, I got five pizzas coming up. Meat lovers, piled high with lots of meaty chicken, meaty beef, meaty pork, meaty turkey, and meaty lardballs. $9.99 apiece. They’re on my motorcycle, all loaded to go. You got the cash? Good. Then we’re cool. See you in 20.”

  19. Mario is telling his agent that he’s tired of jumping over shit.

  20. will

    Stacey Keach is looking good for his age!

  21. catapostrophe

    Calling the ER to make a reservation.

  22. EZ-B

    “Yes, indeed I do sweat on relatively cool days. I’m callig for my free plant.” If anyone gets that reference I’ll be impressed.

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