1. Sigh…”chick who does nothing photographed doing nothing”…again.

    • Cock Dr

      She sells lingerie. Now that ain’t brain surgery or rocket science but it is something that most men can appreciate.

      • Trek Girl

        Designing and selling lingerie isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it does require some sort of business acumen. Besides, she also has a makeup line, a clothing line, has a new perfume about to debut, is the face of Cointreau, does burlesque shows, and, even the though it isn’t really a job, she does all of her styling herself. She’s smart, wears many caps, and isn’t in everybody’s face about what she does.

      • Trek Girl

        Oops, my comment was meant for McFeely Smackup.

      • BenDoverman

        She has a team of professionals handling all aspects of her “businesses” that require a brain.

      • Trek Girl

        Of course there are other people involved, but she has particular visions and concepts in mind for herself and her various lines and products. She doesn’t give control of her image to anyone else – like not having a stylist, for example – and, therefore, has to have a lot to do with what she produces.

      • For such a creative woman, 100% of her style is best described as “trying hard to look like Bettie Page”.

  2. louiexiv

    i like her dita von ta tas best

  3. Dita, Dita, touch my petah.
    Dita, Dita, Dita Von Teese,
    Suck my petah, if you pleece!

    All right, fine. So I ain’t no fuckin’ poet…

  4. Josie

    Thought it was Katy Perry

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