1. Pepper's Pot

    Holy thighs. That zipper sure looks strained

    • Dick Hell

      At first glance I thought she was wearing suspenders, which would have been odd since those pants clearly aren’t going anywhere.

  2. tlmck

    I use the zoom, and her hips no longer fit in the frame.

  3. Fashion tip for the plus-sized gal: If you color-coordinate your pants and vest to match your backdrop, you will look slimmer.

  4. Anthony

    It wouldn’t be as bad if she had gigantic titties.

  5. kimmykimkim

    Those pants are cutting off my circulation.

  6. louiexiv

    blue bottom rump a dump with useless suspenders clipped to unremovable pants. long live thunder thighs

  7. Joaquin ingles

    Those hips don’t lie. They’re practically advertising KFC.

  8. cc

    It’s a fortunate that she’s rich enough not to have to fly coach.

  9. Look at the hips on her in relation to her tits and tell me there’s a god out there.

  10. meeps!

    I thought he got blown up at the end of Ghostbusters…

  11. The Pope

    “Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot-piiiiiiiieeeee!”

  12. Those are some unfortunate proportions.

  13. If she wore a white dress with a red headband you’d roll a bowling ball at her before you could stop yourself.

  14. Anderson Pooper

    You’re all dumb. The girl wears inflatable pants one time and she’s labeled ‘this’ and ‘that’.

  15. Bigalkie

    Look at me.. I’m a pear!

  16. BenDoverman

    This bitch is about to burst it seams

  17. Buddy The Elf

    Here she is playing another opening of Krispy Kreme stores.

  18. Hope she doesn’t rub against anything sharp.

  19. stucco

    Wow she lost weight. Scroll down. Whoops, nope there it is.

  20. She is extremely talented, but a boob job would be a fantastic idea.

  21. P.S. vino alan

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