1. Pepper's Pot

    Littering and…. Littering and…. Littering and…..
    Smoking the Reifer

  2. tlmck

    Rihanna got boobs!

  3. Josephus

    Your winner, and the NEW Barbadan Butt Sex Champion of the WORRRRRRRRRLD…

  4. rantatonne

    though this is a sufficient amount of cleavage for a highlight, right-click, Google image search, i have yet to come across enough exposure to lead to a video search.

  5. your mom

    She has a lovely singing voice…. wait, boobs. I meant boobs.

  6. kimmykimkim

    Who cares? Boobies.

  7. louiexiv

    I’d bogart that reifer

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    I bet you do not know one of her song, but you can name two of her talents.

  9. cc

    It worked for Katy Perry.

  10. I have no idea who this is and don’t give enough of a shit to do a search on wikipdedia. But of course…tits!

  11. Remember “Lift and Separate”? What were we thinking???

  12. Very hot. I think I like what this girl’s got goin’ on.

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