1. jorge

    i see the person who does kim k’s twitter photoshopping has other clients too

  2. Cock Dr

    See what poor financial management can force upon a middle aged woman?

  3. Can you make it out to: The John I blew in ’98 and now has a terminal STD?

  4. Joe

    It’s spelled “whore,” not “horse.”

  5. elephantman

    I’de hit it! But then I am the Elephantman so I keep my standards pretty low, this way I’m never dissapointed!

  6. It’s funny that Pam is signing a poster dated the year she was last judged to be bang-able…1951

  7. No amount of posing will make Hepatitis appealing. Nobody wants a shot of ‘C.’

  8. “I’m going to go ahead and sign this, but you guys realize you mispelled “whores,” right?”

  9. Hedgehog

    I hope the fire doesn’t get out of hand when they burn the couches.

  10. Walkaway_Joe

    Taking cues from the Britney PR team, Pam tweets a pic from 10 years ago.

  11. Hepatitis be damned. I’ll knock the dust off that pussy. What, do I want to live forever? Hell no.

  12. Lita

    Anybody know how to get herpes out of a computer screen? Thanks ‘Fish.

  13. The Pope

    Say what you will, but Pam still photoshops well.

  14. Allison Wunderlan

    Hollywood PTA fundraisers. Who needs bake sales when you can bid on the butt?

  15. Icehawg

    “Bidding” is probably the nicest thing ever done on that butt.

  16. Stupid

    You posters make me laugh saying you wouldn’t have sex with Pam. The only woman ALL you posters are capable of having sex with is your inbred sister.

  17. stucco

    Was this the double issue she shared with Sarah Jessica Parker?

  18. O'chunt

    Still would.

  19. Hank E. Ring

    And here I was under the impression that Phyllis Diller died.

  20. squiggy

    C’mon guys, credit where credit is due. I mean…she totally covered up the VDs. There is at least 60% less hep c in this pic.

  21. Jonesy

    Is that roses shooting out of her butt?

  22. The Royal Penis

    When does the tranny get its sex change operation?

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