1. Joe

    Jokes on her: she thought it was a reality show called “American Maid.”

  2. Oldnslo

    I learned this pose in prison!

  3. “And while I make the letter “P” with my legs, you do the “Old, Gay Robot” dance!”

  4. Jade

    I spy with my little eye a Richard Simmons fan. Oh, and Martha Stewart.

  5. Contusion

    I’m just as God made me, sir.

  6. No straight man should ever wear shorts that short.

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    “Thank you for coming to the last ‘American Made’ program before we move all your jobs to China.”

  8. Proof that she just slaps her name on all kinds of products she would never use herself.

  9. Anderson Pooper

    Pictured with her American-made prison bitch.

  10. JungleRed

    She can trying for the tree pose, but those boobs are doing the downward dog.

  11. “That woman is an impostor! I am the real Martha Stewart!”

  12. lady

    She smiled gleefully because it was Barefoot Day at the local bakery.

  13. mbcl

    ” Mr. Schwarzenegger what brings you here ?! “

  14. will

    No! No! No!, it’s put your left foot in and your right foot out!

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