1. Dammit, Carmen, why are you showing us a 5,300 year old ass?

  2. MeanMrsMustard

    The first photo of the portal to hell.

  3. Two men enter, one man leaves.

  4. Cock Dr

    Credit where credit is due…there aren’t many 50 something yo women who can wear fishnets like that.
    Satan has indeed held up his part of the Grand Bargain.

  5. Sort of the evil witch reflection in the mirror of the Emily Ratajkowski photo.

  6. Not bad for a woman her age. The picture being in black and white is a huge plus.

  7. cc

    She looks kinda crotchety.

  8. coljack

    “Look at you with your fine self, all dressed up. Girl, I need to give you a call.”

    – Eddie Murphy

  9. That’s a strap-on, isn’t it?

  10. I almost didnt recognize her ass with that mask on

  11. Is this really necessary?

  12. Obstreperous

    Her ass is pressed against glass right?

  13. First time I have ever seen an ass with a support harness.

  14. Ronaldo

    Why???? oh why!!!!

  15. Pretty damn good for a used up old broad. Well done, Mr. Richardson.

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