1. Ladypants

    Corey Feldman apparently learned how to make himself invisible

    • crb

      Normally I would call that antithetical to his profile and disagree.

      But he is tiny and the girl on the right is smiling abit bigger.

      So yes, definitely stuffed himself entirely up the noonerhole of the left one, then…

  2. They remind me of the two girls selling Dolce & Gabbana on Saturday Night Live.

  3. cc

    If one of your boobs makes a break for it, is that an autoimmune disorder?

  4. titty misfire

  5. I love these doughy bitches.

  6. Never mind Howe, Why?

  7. jay

    Hopefully with Obamacare, the ugly one on the left can get the same plastic surgery as the chick on the right.

  8. GODDAMMIT! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  9. Howe? I don’t care. What I want to know is “when”…and “how (Howe) much.”

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