1. EricLR

    “Are you going to eat that?” asked Lena Dunham.

  2. This must be the Khloe and Lamar holiday catalog…

  3. BB

    Oh. There’s an (improperly aligned) ice cream cone in this picture.

  4. catapostrophe

    She must be so tiny and freezing!

  5. crb

    Santa, I just figured out what I want…

  6. cc

    Excellent, an easy-tear seam right where you need it.

  7. If I was George Clooney, I’d be pursuing her like a maniac

  8. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day

  9. After a mundane day, seeing her as soon as I log on is breath of fresh air. Thanks, Photo Boy.

  10. Is that how neopolitan ice cream is made?

  11. 30 seconds later there was nothing but a puddle of ice cream left.

  12. liar


  13. Decisions, decisions…which do I eat first, the ice cream or Emily Ratajkowski?

  14. martina

    mm mm mm
    what a hot piece of ass

  15. jay

    And the worst pun goes to “I’d like to french vanilla her haagen-daazs!”

  16. tlmck

    I am surprised the ice cream hasn’t melted.

  17. When she’s older, it’ll be a waffle cone.

  18. journalschism

    What rhymes with “Why can’t I be a single rich guy with movie roles to pass out like candy?”

  19. If you squint, it looks like she has stegosaurus-vag. Has anyone informed the GW?!

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