1. EricLr

    He just woke up from a 10-year-long bender and realized the movies he’d made.

  2. Troll's Nighmare

    Did I just pose for a picture with Travolta… and did he grab my ass?!

  3. Seen here after getting a “massage” from John Travolta.

  4. “Fucking Internet! Everyone here already knows how big a turd this movie is!”

  5. “Oh man, I could have had a B8″

  6. cc

    Augh, I made that movie with Ryan Phillipe!

  7. “You mean aye could had saved faive hundred dollars eef aye sweetched may eensurance to Geico?”

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Why deeedn’t I bang Blake Lively when I had the chance?

  9. NattyIce

    Yeah, we all did the same thing when we found out you fathered a child with Kimberly Stewart.

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