1. EricLr

    Yes, sir, I’m sure you’re a great singer. But we still can’t have you flashing women in the park…

  2. Contusion

    Now he looks like the bell captain at the Excelsior in Vegas.

  3. After extensive consultation with market analysts, the band is now just known as The Cannibals.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Cool, he still gets recognized at the welfare office. Who knew you couldn’t make a living singing the same song over and over for 25 years?

  5. “That jacket’s crazy…..”

  6. Bigalkie

    It looks like he’s wearing his ” before clothes ” after dropping a hundred pounds on Jenny Craig.

  7. Looks like she finally drove him crazy.

  8. That sentence should end with “is shockingly still alive.”.

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    “Who? Who-who!”

    I hate myself.

  10. cc

    You bastards. I heard this over and over and over in university, had completely forgotten about it, and now this.

  11. He drives me crazy.

  12. The way he wears that coat is definitely a Good Thing.

  13. Fine middle-aged vegetarian, more like.

  14. Brit

    I’m caught in a tarp

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