1. Grow TF up. You’re almost 40 for Chrissakes

  2. c'est bien

    the imagineers dabbled with forces far beyond their understanding when they chose to experiment with realdolls.

  3. joe

    Whore White and the Delusional Acting Career

  4. EricLr

    Somedaaaay my douche will come…

  5. JC

    “Mommy, this princess smells like Grandpa’s lap!”

  6. Sleeping Cootie.

  7. Contusion

    Somebody knocked up Princess Aurora.

  8. So now there’s corporate synergy between Disney and Playboy? Where’s the uptight white parents freaking out over this shit? They lost their shit when Sasha Grey read a book to a group of kindergarteners.

  9. This is far more believable than her nursing gig at the Playboy mansion.

  10. More like Princess A-Whore-Uh.

  11. Oh my gosh! I FINALLY understand the whole “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” adage!

  12. Ah how cute, she looks just like a princess whore.

  13. oh yeah…that’s what parents take their kids to Disneyland to see, prostitutes!

  14. “Remember Hef’s dick? It got this big..”

  15. tlmck

    Nothing says Disney like an adult entertainer.

  16. Man, I already didn’t know what to do with my hands when posing with the princesses in Disney World last week. This would have just blown my mind.

  17. cc

    “Holly Madison dressed as Princess Aurora at Disneyland”

    Someone inside Disney there’s someone with a keen sense of irony.

  18. Awww how cute! It’s Princess Penicillin.

  19. Swearin

    And then, having defeated the evil sorceress Crystalficient, the Prince slowly approached the bed where his true love lay asleep. He leaned down, and whispered into her ear, “move over bitch, it’s time for my afternoon nap.”

  20. Lala

    She is dressed as Sleeping Beauty! not Aurora. – and she’s like 33 not almost 40.. LOL…. I saw her there several times and she was walking with 2 weird guys behind her and 2 guys on the sides of her…it was weird. NO ONE was paying attention to her- when she wasn’t walking she ws standing there in her circle of guys looking around- I guess to see if anyone noticed her – but no one stopped to look or said anything to her… people were into there own kids trick or treating and having fun…

  21. Mary Feeney

    Walt turns in his grave cyrogenic chamber.

  22. your mom

    A new approach for Disney. After watching their princesses becoming whores, they decided to turn a whore into a princess.

  23. Ummm, how do you get come stains out of taffeta?”

  24. Ismoss

    Princess meth

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