1. Deacon Jones

    Well, she finally did it…..she sprained her ankle trying to wipe her ass.

  2. EricLr

    Hard to believe she can’t get a husband in that sexy gear.

    • Craptard

      and yet Sinead O’Connor managed to bag a husband within a week of putting an ad on craigslist. Time for JLH to start advertising she’s up for some anal action!

  3. DeucePickle

    Amazing that she put her right hand in a cast so she could get better at giving hand jobs with her left.

  4. You should have seen the guys penis…

  5. Ah, fuck all of you. She looks goddamn good, and she’s doing the work herself, rather than perpetrating a fraud by proclaiming in a dead monotone “Weight Watchers – it works” – and then trying to get lap band surgery”.

    • Craptard

      Jessica Simpson is on her second husband, has a Billion Dollars, a job and a kid. Meanwhile, JLH is roaming the streets alone, single and childless dressed for nothing better than ‘The people of Wal-Mart’.

  6. Photo Boy’s complex bit about “The Client List” on the main page tells me that it’s yet another show that the missus makes him watch with her.

  7. neo

    Sorry haters – I’d go balls deep, all two inches.

  8. Alexxx

    Ms. Love-Hewitt survived the fall sustaining only a broken wrist. She later told reporters she dove out of the moving vehicle because she thought she saw “half a jelly donut on the side of the road.”

  9. When did she start dating Chris Brown?

  10. Ah, the aftermath of “Selfish Coyote Arm”

  11. cc

    Hey, check it out, she injured herself beating off to pictures of me!

  12. Shemp

    I swear I saw this picture from the neck down, noted the oversized pants, and instantly thought “JLH!!!” Poor thing: stuck in H”wood where real bodies aren’t tolerated. Jen, you’re almost in your mid-thirties. People’s bodies do weird shit as they get older: just accept it. So you’ve got a big ass and big legs, BFD. You just need to OWN it. You are still hot as hell. And SOME guys actually find neediness and neurotic behavior (and big asses) to be a turn on. You just need to find yourself a sugar daddy: maybe someone a few years older than you, to take care of you and put up with your hangups. Have your people call my people :)

  13. qwerty

    she looks good, but needs to stop dressing like a homeless person.

    • Kojak

      When someone do her, she is probably naked, with her huge ass, huge boobies and small waist all visible. Some men want a woman to show to other that he is happy. Some man only care about be really happy, and the others should go to hell.

  14. Sore wrist from signing up for too many dating sites perhaps? Probably should slow that down a bit.

    Hmmm..that didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    With a cast on her good hand, how can she properly participate in the “Make a Wish” spin-off charity “Hand Jobs from Has Beens”?

  17. Happy_Evil_Dude

    So someone finally broke her hand, screaming “YOU AIN’T GETTING NONE OF THOSE THREE RINGS FROM ME BIAATCH!”

  18. rican

    Fisting yourself, if not done properly, can lead to serious injury.

  19. Legal Secretaries Need Love Too

    I’ll never understand the allegation that Jennifer Love Hewitt is unattractive. I would personally like Santa to bring me sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt for Christmas this year.

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