1. joe

    Vehr is dee mayt?

  2. Deacon Jones

    You gotta admit, this is a fucking MAN.

  3. EricLr

    I told you I’d be back, ladies.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen


  5. I just used the zoom feature to read his belt buckle: it contains an entire employment contract for his household staff.

  6. Contusion

    what a fucking blowhard.

  7. “Yah, Danny DeVito so sorry to hear about your divorce. Does that mean the family maid is available, or what?”

  8. Troll's Nighmare

    When you’ve been caught banging the maid and fathering a bastard child trying to look macho just makes you look like a fuckin’ douche.

  9. ThisWillHurt

    “Petah Pawkur! Get me mawr peectures ov Spidur-Mehn! Or yoo ah figh-ured!”

  10. rantatonne

    hide yo maids, hide yo sitters and hide you cooks, cuz he pregnatin errbody out there

  11. 1NDUN

    On his way to see Here Comes the Broom. The Mexican maid in that one looks pretty good.

  12. vandinz

    lol who the fuck still puts their thumbs in their pants. What is this 19-fuckin-70?

  13. “Play ‘Sexy Mexican Maid’ for me.”

  14. It’s not quite time, but one day soon, I will face him down and know that yes…I can take him down.

  15. tlmck

    Somebody on his staff must have rented the small choppah.

  16. He’s holding his pants up tight to keep the maid population down.

  17. Proudly sporting his ” Ugly Maid Wrestling Championship Belt”

  18. Arnold was nervous about missing his plain, but then relaxed when he realized he maid it.

  19. Margo

    Is that a Rodeo buckle? I love horses!!! :)

  20. He’s like the George S. Patton of banging maids.

  21. JK

    Hasta la veeesta Peelgrum.

  22. That cigar faintly smells like a puerto rican maid, bill-clinton style

  23. Jack Ketch


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