1. Deacon Jones

    They are stabbing him repeatedly in their heads right now

  2. EricLr

    Well, you see, sometimes the Hulkster gets horny and….

  3. JC

    “I know you wanna wrestle with Hulk Jr., brother!”

  4. “Act now and I’ll throw in the director’s cut, deleted outtakes and a years supply of Valtrex. You pay only the shipping & handling!”

  5. joe

    Well, Hoda, it was either Bubba’s wife or my daughter. Which would you have me choose?

  6. Realizing she’s standing next to Kathy Lee and interviewing a man with painted on stubble, I’m betting Hoda is mentally re-examining her life right now.

  7. Contusion

    How would you like to have to get up every day and put that outfit on? Forever.

  8. I really hate this idea that every time a celebrity fucks up in a personal way they’ve got to make the fucking talk show rounds to explain themselves. Has anyone heard of the concept of handling your personal problems privately? It’s all one big money making circle jerk.

    • assuming hes not bullshitting, I do feel a tiny bit bad for him. He was clearly set up by someone he trusted. That being said, you have to imagine someone has to be up to something when they are like “SURE, YOU CAN BANG MY RECENT EX-WIFE!!”

  9. B&WMinstrel

    Marquee, Lasso, ah there it is, Halo of Contempt

  10. patch

    Yes, I CAN put my Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling Connection Thermos in both of your lunchboxes… just, Be Cool!

  11. Rickets

    I didn’t know Our Lady of Guadalupe was such a lush.

  12. “I don’t know about ‘thermos.’ A can of soda, maybe. But like Pepsiā€”not one of those skinny Red Bull deals.”

  13. ThisWillHurt

    “What would you pay to see a sex tape with me and The Virgin Mary, brother?”

  14. ” I got laid..um…I’m sorry?”

  15. BillEBuoy

    I really dig how he coordinated the bandana with the t-shirt.

  16. lawn

    How many vowels are missing from Hoda’s name?

  17. “…yes, but in my defense I did not know there was a camera recording when Hulkamania and the 10 inch python ran wild in her vagina”

  18. cc

    Hey Hoda, buy a vowel!

  19. Ya know… Kathy is soooo doing him with her eyes right now…
    Just sayin.

    • BeBo Wobbley

      No, Kathi Lee is thinking, “I wonder if he has that bandana in darker shade to go with my blouse?” Hoda is just contemplating how hard she will have to kick him in the nuts to bring him to his knees…

  20. I can smell his skank-tainted ‘stache through the screen.

  21. Bionic_Crouton

    “,,,anyway, that is the definition of a mustache ride. Which one of you is going first?”

  22. Put It In

    “Well you know Mean Jean. I love to dress like a Hooter girl!”

  23. Kathy’s thought balloon: “Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. Don’t look down at his penis. “

  24. Brit

    Mind if I sleep with our husband, Kathy?

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