1. Where’s a hoodie inspired shooting when you need one…

  2. He always looks like he’s about to rape someone.

  3. Here’s a reality star, living in a fantasy world, dreaming about Assassin’s Creed. World, you can end now.

  4. Jesse Pinkman got married and had a kid.

  5. The classic picture of a “happy family.”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I think this pic has something to do with Kanye West and the Ghost of Christmas Future.

  7. Somebody’s been watching “Arrow” on CW. Too bad he couldn’t find a green hoodie.

  8. Anonymous

    You gotta love how every time you see these two with their kids, Scott is doing absolutely nothing while Kourtney does all the work. LOL

    That’s keeping your pimp hand strong!

  9. He’s trying to make weight for the douche Olympics. He’s strong in the 1500 meter douche and 100 meter free-style douche.

  10. So this fucktard thinks he is a gangster now.

  11. Wow, he looks real fuckin happy to be there.

  12. when he doesn’t look like a douche, he looks like a rapist. maybe he should try to find some middle ground.

  13. She had to pick up the kids from daycare and her douchebag from baggage claim.

  14. I thought Kourtney Kardashboard and Scott Dizzy were planning on some nuptials…???

  15. You spelled ‘Scott Dick’ wrong.

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