1. BP

    Great Rack! She’s Susan Sarandon’s daughter………
    Would love a Mother-Daughter threesome…..mostly with the Daughter!

  2. tom

    We need more pic of her, preferably in a bikini.

  3. HackSaw


    • NO…NO CAMELTOE! Do you people think a “cameltoe” is simply a view of a woman’s crotch area? Besides, if she were sporting a cameltoe, we wouldn’t need to have you point it out!

      • maybe hacksaw is inventing a new term for a woman’s ladyparts that get sweaty and stinky from being kept in an airtight pair of leather pants, slimy and stinky like a clam? or he’s a moron. It’s sometimes a fine line between genius/visionary and moron.

  4. She’s so fucking hot. Why doesn’t she get more press instead of the regular line up of assholes that swarm the gossip site everyday?

  5. Well she looks a whole lot different than the movies I saw her in (Saved?). Surgery? Her mom can afford it.

  6. Some of the best boobs in the business.

  7. She makes me unable to think sraight. While I fap.

  8. cc

    She’s been featured far too infrequently on these pages. Time for a letter to the editor.

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