1. malaka

    didn’t exactly think that one thru…
    that cream pie will surely leave a stain on murphy brown’s trench coat.

  2. joe

    Sorry, Johnny. I need a sec. Bush itches.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    They told me to pass you this note or I’ll have to take the bus home with the common people. Here, take it. Take it!

  4. donkeylicks

    Anytime she wanders too closely to a man which she finds attractive the C mark imprinted on her groin emits a high frequency burning sensation which radiates throughout her body until she learns her lesson. Depp, for all his wit and charm simply doesn’t notice her agony.

  5. More like “The Crap Gwyneth Missed”

  6. JimBB

    You’ve both just been SKARSGARDED!

  7. cc

    Oh dear, my artisanal underwear isn’t woven from the silk…it’s a blend!

  8. “I’ve gotta go see mt doctor. I don’t think my yeast infection is gluten free”

  9. Perhaps one of her lesser known proclivities is jumping on homeless dick.

  10. I hope she’s in pain, whatever the hell is happening here.

  11. I think she’s actually peeing

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