1. It’s the latest trend. Stripper clogs.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Alright….alright. I’m submitting.

    Even I think she’s started to jump the shark here folks..

  3. Caution??? I think a biohazard like this warrants a much stronger warning than that!

    • Colin

      Well her last name is Sand to warn people about the contents of her vagina, and I think the rest speaks for itself.

  4. it had to be said

    See, this is a surprise. I did not expect her to cast a reflection in the glass.

  5. I may be wrong but I’ve heard cork actually helps ‘bleed’ or ‘leach’ the skank out of the wearer…something to do with the Earth’s gravitational pull…unlike 100% lucite…which is what this duck-lipped trollop normally wears. Oh, to be her daughter’s therapist.

  6. cc

    Whoever she is visiting is too embarrassed to buzz her in.

  7. I’ve heard of self-parody, but what’s it called when someone looks like the person who would be paid to play them in a porn movie?

  8. The Brown Streak

    Lost: one boner.

  9. Sin

    5 year old tits, 10 year old face and 60 year old body.

  10. Caution: Spontaneously Pole Dances for Groceries

  11. Kat

    I’m not sure what’s fucking stupider, her plastic face, her ill-fitting, sagging boob job, her stick insect legs or her ridiculous fucking shoes.

  12. Miss Pepper

    Who is that? She looks very interesting. We don’t have people like that in Europe.

  13. Blonde

    There is no way she looked in the mirror and thought, “I do not look trashy.”

  14. She appears to be bracing for a medium sized gust of wind.

  15. Let me walk a day in her shoes. Just this once!

  16. Misana

    Those are the ugliest shoes I have EVER seen in my life…. YUCKKKKKKKKKK

  17. In every Shauna Sand picture, there’s a sticker in the window that says it all.

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