1. Colin

    Are you sure it’s not supposed to be “Penny Marshall ATE a Lakers game”?

  2. Apropos of nothing, has anyone seen Cindy Williams lately? Anyone?

  3. Tyrone Biggums

    I guess it’s time to put an “XX” in front of the L on that Laverne sweater.

  4. Deacon Jones

    At what point in her life did she just go “AH, FUCK IT”

  5. So the remake is called Lard-ass and Shirley?

  6. journalschism

    “I’ll need another seat for my man-gut.”

  7. yen

    Looks like Octomom is gonna have some competition.

  8. Bigalkie

    Being Gary Marshall’s sister didn’t help my career at all.

  9. Sir Charles just abdicated his title of Round Mound.

  10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hosscartright Incorporated

  11. LJ

    She looks pregnant to me… but at her age I’m pretty sure it’s just her gunt.

  12. Christ, I didn’t even notice the gunt until the second look as that thing north of her shoulders scared the shit outta me! And the guy standing next to her fingering his wedding ring – that means he’s thinking about gettin’ a piece of dat ass, bhoy!

  13. Frank The Duck

    Michael Moore scoping out his new flick “Basketball for Compton”

  14. Gore Vidal really needs a haircut.

  15. Venom

    I guess she did the Chaz Bono thing before it did it.

  16. C’mon, you guys, I’m sure she’s just the victim of “angles and weird shirts.”

  17. sexyman48

    Penny needs to put down the quarter pounders.

  18. cc

    She looks very O’Donnell here.

  19. g-moonie

    Either she needs to lay off of Dyan Cannon’s brownies, OR before she eats them she should at least allow Dyan to let go of the fucking plate!

  20. Wilford Brimly called. He’d like his diabetes and the contents of his closet back…

  21. Alison

    Bruce Vilanch is looking good.

  22. The Brown Streak

    I see Jay Glazer finally found someone to knock up.

  23. Black Camaro Car

    Look at who looks bitchen now. Karma…..

  24. cutthecrap

    that reminds me, I haven’t seen Lenny and Squiggy for a while.

  25. Holy Shit! What happened to Laverne?

  26. yeahright

    on this day, not one single fuck was given

  27. Steelerchick

    But I thought I just saw Meat head the other day.

  28. On your mark get set and go now hysterical pregnancy in show town…

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