1. Colin

    I can’t remember the last time I made it through a Final Five. Much appreciated.

  2. Cock Dr

    Better than Miami Beach workout bimbo. Higher caliber celebrity if nothing else.
    I will refrain from speculating on what Mr Beckham might be smuggling in his overloaded briefs. That would be rude.

  3. Omnilove

    Where is the pic of him grabbing his nuts?

  4. It's the kimkim, bitches

    Nothing says I’m sexy quite like a brick in your briefs.

  5. So 2012 is the year the gay guy who selects the final pictures gets his way?

  6. Crazy Betty

    I’ve seen pics of his wife. She’s not happy enough for that not to be Photoshopped.

  7. It's the kimkim, bitches

    So, Fish, about those keys. Do they sparkle?

  8. Such a wide range of emotions on his face in these pics. So expressive. He must get it from his wife.

  9. LJ

    This final five must have been posted to keep all the Republicans having wet dreams like they did last night.

  10. It appears that I bend it like Beckham, too.

  11. Ida

    What kind of bulge is that? Does the guy have two dicks or something?

  12. Venom

    This shit is so comical it is hilarious.

  13. Raoul

    So THAT’s where Tom Cruise is hiding!

  14. Blech

    You know, at the very least the comments on the final five were funny as hell. Bravo! I love this site…

  15. 1inPink1inStink

    squeakle squeakle squeakle…

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