1. Cock Dr


  2. It's the kimkim, bitches

    God, this is awkward.

  3. LJ

    He must not have much going on upstairs. He makes his living by showing off his body and he has effed it up with large quantities of bad tattoos. Hopefully he banked the money he’s made.

  4. Blech

    Fish, I love you but WTF. Is he supposed to be our ‘eye candy’? Cause he’s been sucked dry (and not in a good way) by Lady Victoria.


  5. Icelandic Les

    he’s about as sexy as ricky jervais to me.

  6. Did he wax himself a tiny little hairway to heaven? And, if so, why did he make it stop an inch and a half from his pantyline? What a tease.

  7. Donald Trump

    I recall Becks had a much hotter body than this one. I guess he’s slacking off on the gym.

  8. Blonde

    nom nom nom.

  9. allieb

    thank you!

  10. MoonBeam

    V-muscle. Yes, thank you.

  11. me

    mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm

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