1. Satan's bitch


  2. suck it

    I’m disappointed that I can’t see Colin’s face, but this pic is hilarious!!

  3. Cock Dr

    Is this the beginning of a high budget gay porno?

  4. Where’s the other 5?

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “It’s one thing after another. Director burst in on me watching Alexander last night. Got up this morning and my belt and my shoelaces were gone.”

  6. hbw

    “So I did this with my hands and pulled the peanut butter out of my asscrack and then ate it. That’s how I got out of jury duty.”

  7. cc

    Tell him Ramone is here to see him.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Dammit, Colin, hurry up and ask him to the prom for Christ’s sake!

  9. cutthecrap

    what the fuckity fuck kind of shoes is that dude wearing? Not a good look, hopefully that’s part of the “props”

  10. “You didn’t get a scarf in your contract either?”

  11. Raoul

    Caption should read: “Sam Rockwell trying to look somewhat interested in what Coin Farrell is rambling on about in a barely intelligible accent.”

  12. 1inPink1inStink

    Is he priming his ass for a fisting?

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