1. rican

    Friday the 13th XX

  2. Yeah. Keep it covered up. I suggest becoming a Nun.

  3. She’s got a good zombie walk

  4. “My asking price for that is $20 but, sure, I’ll take $7.42.”

  5. “I know there’s a bottle of tequila somewhere fess up WHERE IS IT!”

  6. Looks like she is auditioning for an X-Men role…I suggest Shit Storm.

  7. “Itz putz the luggagez in ze trunksss!”

  8. Freddy’s coming for you!

  9. So blitzed she thinks she’s auditioning for The Walking Dead?

  10. malaka

    looks like avril levine is about to have a pms explosion.
    better stay clear.

  11. George P. Burdell


  12. Vlad

    Freda Kruger

  13. Nightmare on Bourbon Street.

  14. tlmck

    What line is she standing in?

  15. Just your average Kurt Cobain crack whore. Nothing to see here.

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