1. “Yeah he thinks the puffy shirt from ‘Seinfeld’ we pulled out of the dumpster is actually his costume for the movie. What a fuckin’ rube!”

  2. catapostrophe

    Why would the puffy shirt from Seinfeld be in a dumpster?

  3. Polk

    I wish I had enough money and fame to not giving a shit what others may think.

  4. Now why couldn’t he wear that at the basketball game instead?

  5. Cock Dr

    He should keep that wig.

  6. All I see is a Nick Nolte cosplay fail.

  7. Ken

    Pirate wardrobe is less douchey than his street clothes

  8. Vlad

    This wig would look much better if I had my skirt and purse

  9. “Gladys, I’ve got to go. I’m afraid that I’m gonna be sassed by a gay musketeers about my shoes “

  10. after seeing what he wears courtside to an NBA game, this doesn’t even rate as a costume.

  11. He looks much manlier that he did court side.

  12. This … this isn’t Richard Branson?

  13. John Malkovich on his way to wardrobe to put on his costume for a period drama.

    Yes, those are his street clothes. Haters gonna hate.

  14. *whispers* “Don’t look now but he’s right behind me…”

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