1. rican

    She left her ass in the store and now she’s running back to get it.

  2. I’ll always love this chick.

    • Jake

      Translation: “I jerked off to her hundreds of times in my formative years, so she imprinted in the core of my being.”

      • Pretty much. Yeah.

      • If you were jerking off to Spano rather than Kapowski you were doing it wrong. Fuck, even that uppity bitch Turtle is more spank worthy than Spano. If you were jerking off to showgirls, I’m sorry you didn’t have more diverse sources of jerk off material.

      • Why can’t I spank it to all of them? I’m an equal opportunity spanker. Showgirls came out in the days before I had a VHS, DVD Player or even internet.

        Those were dark days, my friend. Days when a man was forced to spank it to soft-core porn on Cinemax.

  3. Fish ruined her for me with the vagina warble…

  4. Where's Dildo

    Sound heard pay nearby pedestrians: *warble warble fwab-ap-ap-ap*

  5. mavis davis

    That ass reminds me, I’ve got some shirts to iron.

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