1. YadaYada

    We still don’t like you, Jay.

  2. One of them is named Conan. The other is named Jimmy.

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    I smile when I crush kittens too.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    I guess when you’ve been in business with the Devil for so long, anything adorable becomes your only source of sustenance.

  5. Where's Dildo

    “I said ‘motorboat TITTIES one time before I leave’.”

  6. Lord Helmet

    - Conan O’Brien. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jay Leno. They told me you were assassinated by the Network.
    - Yes, this is my second life.
    - You only live twice, Mr. O’Brien.

  7. AteIsEnough

    GUARANTEED that was the first time he ever had two pussies on his face at once, even with the money and fame he has!!

  8. Leonardo DiCaprio impression.

  9. Wow, not even two pussies can hide that chin.

  10. Shameless pandering. Who among us, doesn’t like a little pussy?

  11. At least the kittens match his hair.

  12. Ron Burgundy

    Leno’s pandering his crazy cat lady starter kit again!

  13. Those kittens are awesome. I want them.

    What? I just think they’re awesome.

  14. “These little shits will make great enchiladas this weekend.”

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