1. No joke: if I’m half as cool as these two motherfuckers when I’m 125 or however old they are I’d be thrilled.

  2. Sausage

    Screen Actors Guild Foundation and presents Lemon Party with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

  3. We should all aspire to be as awesome as these men.

  4. EenL

    I love that we live in a world where these two magnificent fuckers can find each other and become best of friends and go everywhere together.

  5. Qmak

    Looks like Gandalf just cast a spell…

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    The Improv session took an odd turn when the next card read, “Jon Hamm just walked into the room.”

  7. Ian displaying how he first won the Magneto role. And Patrick thinking all this time it was because of his acting ability.

  8. Cock Dr

    They are old, rich and wildly successful in their fields and just about everyone loves them. This gives a person a certain playful “I don’t give a fuckness” that looks like a whole lotta fun.

  9. Just this once

    “I bet Nicole Kidman can’t do this.” “Well I bet Meg Ryan can’t do this”.

  10. “Old Tove. Finest weed I the South Fahrling…”

  11. “Wait…You’re gay? I thought you were just British!”
    “Well why can’t I be both?”

  12. “Your fingers smell disgusting. Have you been scratching your ass?”

  13. Seems like by his age Ian should have known to never trust a fart…

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