1. catapostrophe

    The friend is obviously straight because he’s pushing a baby around. And we all know Hugh is straight because he’s married to a woman. So don’t even start, people.

  2. I can’t hate on this guy. He plays that Wolverine role like he was born for it.

  3. My friend has 2 dads

  4. Lisa

    “Oooooooooooh saaaaaaaaay caaaaan youuuuuu SEEEEEEE”

    “Hugh, they got someone else to sing at the super bowl.”

    “You know I was in Les Miserables don’t you? I can sing DAMMIT!”

  5. George P. Burdell

    Shouldn’t friend have quotes around it?

  6. tlmck

    I thought Hugh already had a beard?

  7. Baby beard. It’s very 2014.

  8. “After the baby shits, you need to clean it up off the lawn and you can put it in one of these bags…”

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