1. Nonny Moose

    Where’s the gin bottle? Doesn’t she turn to dust if she’s not in constant contact?

  2. Elephantman

    I can hardly wait to see what all you loyal Superficial fans have to say about this one.

    Personally I think the picture speaks for it self, MESS!

  3. Leaving the Best Budd weed store with a full purse?

  4. Jade

    “Mom of the year” sighting.

  5. jd

    That Kardashian kunt gets a talk show and not ME? What about ME?

  6. ThisWillHurt

    How can she be so happy when her coke mule is on her way to jail?

  7. Want to see the girl in 20 years – look at the mother. Somehow this truism has become reversed here….

  8. Cock Dr

    When she sees cameras she’ll come right up to the people holding them like a hungry dog.

  9. I see coke bloat runs in the family.

  10. filthy old whore. I’d like to beat her about the head and shoulders with one of the booze bottles she has stuffed in that handbag she likely stole from her kid. (who stole it from some hapless stylist)

  11. broduh jenner

    the funny thing is those people in the background only put on that burka once they saw her.

  12. cc

    Ah, so that’s the lady with the coke diapers.

  13. Bam

    At this particular point in time how can Photoboy even tell the difference between the two?

  14. He hair looks like a rabbit fur coat scrap.

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